SideFX - project TITAN - Unreal Engine

Had a great time working with an awesome team for SideFX on project TITAN.
Our task was to create an Environment with specific Houdini Tools and the Houdini Engine in Unreal Engine.
As a Level Owner I was responsible for a lot of things including planning of the production, gathering references, staying close to the concept, making tasks for the team and working in production with the team. In the level I was responsible for the lighting, composition and implementing feedback provided by the other artists. I also did some alpha passes on Assets which then got a touch up by other artists. The main goal was to test the Houdini Tools in Engine
I really enjoyed working with such a strong team and amazing people.

Check out the Project here:

Huge shoutout to:

Lino Drieghe

Lea Kronenberger

Simon Verstraete

Maximilian Lessle

Frederik A. Plucinski

Anna Molampy

Thomas Marcotte

Christopher Hebert (Director of Finances @SideFX)
The Houdini Engine Team
The rest of the Tech Artists @SideFX for working on the Houdini Software Package and on the tools.